The Most Asked Security Clearance Questions

Opportunities abound in the defense industry where every job discipline requires a security clearance to perform on the contracts. Classified contracts require services that include staffing, janitorial, graphic design, accounting, finance and more. Technical experience is needed as well with mechanics, software designers, engineers, program managers and their support. For the unfamiliar the security clearance […]

6 Reasons To Hire A Drywall Professional

At first, drywalling may seem an easy home renovation project. Since the cost of living is rising day by day, many homeowners choose the DIY route in order to save some money. Although you can do the work yourself, it’s much better to go with a professional instead. Actually, this is a better choice for […]

The Adjudicator’s Role in Security Clearance Decisions

When an uncleared employee is hired to perform on classified contracts, the Facility Security Officer (FSO) requests a security clearance investigation. If a new employee already has an active security clearance, then the action is administrative; just a transfer. In the case of a security clearance request, the applicant completes and submits the SF-86 with […]